Recruitment into Ministry


Encourage new and preferably young applicants to enter training for Ministry in the Church of Scotland; against a backdrop of declining church membership, especially amongst millennials


  • We ran a series of workshops with multiple stakeholder groups in the Church to develop the Tomorrow’s Calling campaign brand
  • Identified role models across the spectrum of Ministry from respected authority figures to progressive Ministers to emerging stars of Ministry across Scotland in rural and urban parishes; their unique and varied stories of what called them to serve the Church and to enter training for Ministry would form the backbone of the Tomorrow’s Calling campaign
  • Working with the Church’s internal IT and comms team, we designed and developed the Tomorrow’s Calling website, a stand-alone online resource dedicated to informing and inspiring would-be candidates for Ministry training
  • We created a comprehensive suite of short-form videos, each profiling a ‘hero’ of the Ministry workforce; these videos were created with the intent to be not only high quality and engaging but also to be highly adaptable on all platforms from web to YouTube to social posts and campaigns
  • We developed an evergreen rolling content initiative – ‘MyMinistry’ – which lived in the blog section of the Tomorrow’s Calling site and each month profiled a Church of Scotland Minister telling the story of their calling, their parish work and their lifestyle.
  • We ran a Facebook prospecting and retargeting campaign which reached the surprisingly high numbers of millennials in Scotland who didn’t attend organised worship or belong to a Church, but who professed faith in God and considered themselves both spiritual and open to charitable and volunteer type work akin to aspects of full-time ordained Ministry